6 Tips for Setting Up Kick-Ass Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Tips for Setting Up Kick-Ass Influencer Marketing Campaigns

There is no denying that customers are becoming smarter than brands.

As more and more of them learn how to democratize their online marketing experiences, brands are having to pull things from their bag of tricks in order to grab the attention of new customers and, more importantly, to gain their trust. This trust is what will persuade them to reach into their pockets of hard-earned money and hand it over to your brand. 

But how do influencer marketing agencies and brands do this?

Here are 6 tips for creating a kick-ass influencer marketing campaign.

Spell out what makes you unique

We’re certain you’ve all heard of the Unique Selling Point (USP) and how important it is to establish this in order to set you apart from competitors. 

The only issue with this is not everyone is able to figure out what theirs is. 

To find yours, consider asking and answering the following questions between your team:

Are you aware of why your customers come back to you?

Is it because your product pricing is low?

Is your marketing strategy phenomenal?

Discovering the answers to these questions – and other similar ones – is important when trying to identify what your company is doing better than others in your industry. Keep in mind that a USP is something that cannot be adopted or replicated by another brand.

Figuring out your USP is essentially the first step to building a successful, kick-ass influencer marketing campaign, as, after all, it is the building block upon which the rest of your company’s structure and strength lies. 

Make sure your culture is supportive of social media

Referring to company culture and social culture, is set up to efficiently receive and run influencer marketing campaigns is vital. 

By this, we mean having the required budget, ample content and the necessary motivation level is simply not enough if the culture is not consistent. 

Ways to modify your company’s culture into something that is supportive and allows social media strategies to thrive are:

  • Funnel the social media channels that suit your company’s practices
  • Educate and train your employees on the right usage of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and forums (Amazon, Quora, etc.)
  • Set clear goals for your social media strategies 

Analyze your customers and competitors

For your influencer marketing and social media strategies to be effective, you need to tap into the channels that are most frequented by your target audience and which content types they respond to best.

This can be done by studying your current and potential customers through observing which trends led considerable traffic to your page; as well as comments and shares to your posts. 

Your competitors are also a major component of your marketing strategies. Learn from their successes and failures.

Devise a content strategy

Once you have discovered what your prospective company’s customers will find appealing, it is time to devise a content strategy adhering to this. 

The content strategy consists of the message you are going to develop and how and when to post it. Many marketers believe they have superb content, but what they often forget is that consumers tend to prefer personalized content that humanizes your brand. Whichever content type you choose, ensure that visuals, satire, and humor are at the forefront while keeping it readable, shareable, and understandable. 

Content strategy also includes working out which time to post this content, onto which platform, and how frequently. While there are no rules for how often you should post, remember that consistency is key!

Choose an appropriate channel

Just having a content strategy is not enough. The next step to building a successful, kick-ass influencer marketing strategy is to select which channel you will air your content on.

Typically, companies tend to build their social media presence where their customers are based. However, others will choose a channel that is expected to have a boost in its growth in the near future. 

Before selecting a channel, ensure that you are aware of its usage. Your chosen channel should amplify your content strategy rather than hinder it by not knowing its advantages. Opting for multiple channels is allowed, but focus on quality over quantity. Ensure that you can perform to the same standard across all channels instead of putting poor-quality content out there for the sake of having your finger in multiple pies. 

Finally, execute your strategy

Flawless execution of your influencer marketing strategy includes a blend of all aforementioned points. Keeping up with the constant social media trends and evolving industry will ultimately set you up for success. 

Above everything, remember that implementing an influencer marketing strategy is not a one-size-fits-all process. Stick to your guns and what works well for you and stay consistent!


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