5 Tips to Find the Right Swimwear for Curvy Women

Right Swimwear for Curvy Women

Why is it so difficult to find swimwear for curvy women that is sexy and fits perfectly? The reason often is a lack of options and the one-size-fits-all approach. Every woman has distinctive attributes that she wishes to downplay or highlight. And, keeping up with trends each season may not be a viable option for you. Hence, while purchasing curvy swimwear, ensure it enhances your curves and provides support to make you feel comfortable all-day round. Below are some helpful tips for finding the right swimwear as you hit the beach or pool.

Tips to Find the Right Swimwear for Curvy Women

Try out different colours

There is a common perception that black makes you look slim. While true, sticking with just black doesn’t have to limit your choices. No matter where you are in the size spectrum, you can always experiment with colours. You can go for multi-coloured swimsuits that will accentuate your figure. If you want solid colours and add a twist to your look, look for the top and bottom in different colours.

Use the advantage of prints and patterns

Don’t forget to add some striking pieces in exciting patterns and prints to your curvy swimwear collection. Remember, prints and patterns shift the focus from a particular part of your body which may make you feel more confident. You can go with colour-blocked swimsuits to highlight your curves. Opting for a one-piece floral print swimsuit with a tummy control feature will complement your shape and create a lean, long line. Moreover, choose a swimsuit with prints and patterns in the middle to make your torso appear longer. 

Go for something different

The go-to option for swimwear for most curvy women is a one-piece swimsuit. However, keeping your choice and preference intact, you can still try something new, like going for one with meshed detailing or cut-outs over the bust region.

You also have many other options to experiment with, like a bikini or tankini. You can easily rock a bikini look with the underwired and full coverage bra with a high-waisted bottom for better support and coverage. Tankinis are another versatile option offering more coverage and support, helping you create a unique and fashionable look. 

Don’t forget to check the support

For any curvy swimwear, support is the key. The swimwear you buy must support your bust region and hips adequately. A well-constructed swimwear makes a woman look flattering and confident, so don’t forget to check for underwire, thick straps, and sturdy fabric that offer support and comfort. It is best to buy your swimwear as separates to get the right size and adequate support for both the bottom and top.

Take the look test

You need to try out your swimwear before the purchase. You cannot assume that a swimsuit will look good on you just because it appears beautiful to your eyes. Also, there’s a lot of variation in sizes based on brands, so you can’t take the fit lightly. 

If the fit is baggy, it could emphasise your bumps. If it’s tight or bunching at the seams, you may be unable to move around freely, causing great discomfort. You may also buy something that doesn’t fit over the thighs and hips without gapping in the waist. So, put it on and see if you’re comfortable. 

You may find a lot of tips while buying the right swimwear. However, always bear in mind to accentuate your best assets. When you focus on that, you can carry a one-piece, a tankini, or even a bikini with total confidence.      


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