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5 Tips to Improve the Safety of Your Work Site

By the time you’re finished reading this article, dozens of people will have been injured by hazards at work. In fact, experts estimate that there’s one on-the-job injury every seven seconds.

The truth is that no matter how careful you are, accidents can still occur. And even if you have a good track record for keeping your employees safe, you can always strive to improve workplace safety.

Don’t leave it to chance. Keep reading below for five important workplace safety tips you can start using today.

1. Create a Culture of Workplace Safety

How often do you discuss workplace safety advice with your employees? Once a month? Once a year? Only during the onboarding process?

No matter the nature of your business, your employees need to know that safety is your top priority.

Make sure they receive regular training in operating equipment, handling chemicals, and preventing accidents. Hang OSHA safety signs in visible places and include safety as a regular topic of discussion during meetings. Stress individual accountability and reward your employees for safe behavior.

2. Identify Potential Hazards at Work

You can’t create a workplace free from all hazards, so your goal is to mitigate the risks.

For example, make sure all hazardous materials are stored correctly and properly labeled. Keep fire extinguishers easily accessible in fire-prone areas. In areas where trips or slips could occur, mark the floor with warning signs or use absorbent floor mats.

3. Take Care of Your Tools & Equipment

One of the leading causes of workplace injury is an equipment malfunction or failure. Workers are also more likely to injure themselves (or someone else) if they haven’t received proper training and certification to use that equipment.

Stick to a schedule of routine maintenance for all your business equipment and tools. If it’s time to repair or replace anything, use a trusted provider like to locate the parts you need.

4. Prioritize Your Employees

An employee who’s tired, hungry, or distracted is more likely to make mistakes that lead to injury. Even if you’re up against a tight deadline, make sure your employees are well-rested and receive ample break time.

Provide coffee, water, and snacks in the break room and encourage everyone to take regular breaks. You could also schedule a meeting about ergonomics, body mechanics, and the best ways to avoid accidents or repetitive strain injuries.

5. Maintain a Clean, Safe Work Site

A workplace that’s dirty and cluttered is the perfect breeding ground for an accident. Hold everyone accountable for keeping their work area neat and tidy.

Clean up any spills right away and mark the area with appropriate signage. Stack boxes, tools, and other supplies away from walkways and doorways. Regularly inspect areas for hazards like dangling wires or loose electrical cords.

Use These Workplace Safety Tips Today

It may not be the most exciting topic, but a safe work site is crucial to the success of your business. Make sure to use these workplace safety tips to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

After reading this guide to workplace safety, what’s next? Stay right here and keep browsing our blog for more advice about business, health, and technology.



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