Tips to Style Gold Jewelry to Rock Your Workplace Look

Dressing for work need not be boring! Yes, we agree it may be a little tricky trying to find a balance between professionalism and style, but with the right styling tips and tricks, you can look smart, poised, elegant, and fashionable at the same time at your workplace. Read on to know more.

1. Choose light-weight gold jewelry-We know how much you love flaunting those heavily embellished bangles, but save those for a family occasion or festival celebrations. Like how you pick professional clothing for your office, similarly you should invest in jewelry that looks workplace friendly. Most of the reputed online jewelers like Melorra have specifically crafted designer gold and diamond jewelry keeping the needs of a modern-day woman in mind. You can check this website of Melorra and discover a whole new world of trendy fine jewelry.

2. Three-piece rule-At the workplace, the thumb rule should be “less is more”. You should not wear more than three pieces of gold ornaments at any given point in time. Now the choice depends on your work environment, if you work at a conservative office, then settle for a pair of studs, a sleek ring, and if your work at a place that’s more creative, you can maybe add a contemporary nose pin that suits even western outfits or even a bracelet.

3. Avoid wearing jewelry that makes noise- The jewelry that you wear shouldn’t distract you or others at the workplace. Avoid wearing a loosely fitted bracelet because that may clink while you are typing or long dangler earrings that may make noise while you answer your phone. Instead, stick to modish jewelry with geometric designs. You can check more of such designs online for some inspiration. Pick a bracelet that sits perfectly on your wrist or small j-hoop earrings that are stylish yet subtle.

4. Avoid jewelry with religious symbols- We all have religious and political beliefs, but the workplace is not the right place to showcase this because it is thought to have the most neutral environment. It may not go down well with other people in the office and may create misunderstandings.

5. Have a focal jewelry piece-Focusing on one single statement gold jewelry is a fantastic way to add some bling to your otherwise regular outfit. For example, you can pick a cocktail ring that will stand out or a bejeweled luxury watch that is sure to catch the fancy of people. You can also pick a dainty chain of medium length with a large pendant to go with a plain black dress. If your outfit is already bright or with bold prints, then going with jewelry with a simple design and neutral stone to avoid the gaudy look.

6. Match the metal color to your outfit- Always remember to pick a metal color that best compliments your formal wear seamlessly, rather than standing out. For example, if you decide to put on your favorite navy blue shirt, pair it with white gold or platinum necklace or bracelet. The yellow metal may attract too much attention,not for the right reasons.

We hope the above tips will help you spruce up your work look.

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