Top 2 VoIP Interesting Facts

  1. Setup costs for a cloud VoIP phone could be zero

Some might not believe but it is true VoIP phones can be zero. There are not many technologies that allow individuals or businesses to start using services at no cost. VoIP is one such technology. The cost of setting up utilizing VoIP phones does differ considerably from one business to another. However, it’s possible, to begin with, a cloud VoIP system for zero pounds. 

           For example, there is a start-up or a small business with a few employees. When a business like that starts to look for phone service, they don’t look for all the bells and whistles. They usually lack the resources to do so. Before Voice over IP, they would have no choice but to purchase a plan from some legacy carrier. They would need to sign an agreement that specifies a minimum number of phone lines, telephones, and other resources. Adding features like international calling, caller ID and voicemail would cost more. However, a basic VoIP UK system in the cloud will cost them nothing. Even the most basic package offers more features for free. You get the option of paying as you go or purchasing bundles of minutes in advance. The companies just have to pay for the phone calls made on the service. There is no need to buy any hardware or sign a contract. The user is free to switch service providers at any time. It’s no surprise that VoIP has become a preferred choice for most businesses.

  • Most people can’t tell its VoIP

In the primary phases of the VoIP phone, it’s very easy to tell the difference between analog phone calls. In comparison to traditional landlines, VoIP phone calls are characterised by the poor audio quality, dropped phone calls, missing words and choppy conversations. It was not a good experience at all. There is no wonder companies are hesitating to adopt VoIP phone system. VoIP has come a long way since its early days. The technology has improved and the providers have found different innovative solutions for the long-standing problems. Nowadays, you can hardly differentiate between a VoIP and a landline call. Only some people can recognise if they are talking through VoIP or if the person at the end of the phone line is using the old PSTN. There is just no way to easily differentiate between VoIP and other phone calls in the majority of cases. 

           Majority of customers do not know that VoIP phone power a lot of popular services. Some might not know but Skype is a type of VoIP. These phone services use propriety protocols to deploy their platform, however, its VoIP technology. Also, you can make calls from smartphones. You might not need a separate app for it. Majority of phone operators have switched to Voice over IP for their network infrastructure, even if their users do not know it. One thing is for sure, VoIP is everywhere and it’s here to stay.

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