South America is home to almost 300 national parks, with a huge number of the national park we understand that choosing your next destination can be quite difficult. To help you plan your trip we rounded up the top 10 best national parks in South America. we are mentioning some unique and interesting facts which will boost your enthusiasm and raise your curiosity to visit these places. if you are planning to visit, just visit the copa airlines official site to book your flight ticket at very cheap rates. It is one of the best ways to reach any of the National Park of South America.


Rapa Nui National Park, CHILE

Rapa Nui National is home to endemic plants and creatures. The archeological highlights of the recreation center don’t end with the Moai, it likewise has 54 underground stone houses beautified with petroglyphs and has the biggest stately site. The destruction of the island was not an impediment to pull in travelers everywhere in the world to get a brief look at the despairing of the landmarks loaded up with secrets and magnificence.

Itatiaia National Park

The most seasoned public park in Brazil, Itatiaia National Park was established in 1937. This park is home to a few of Brazil’s most elevated mountains, including Prateleiras and Agulhas Negra, and is essential for the Mantiqueira mountain range. This public park is likewise a fantasy spot for winged animal watchers with right around 35 types of fowls. Despite the fact that the vegetation of the public park gets lesser on the ways up the perspectives from the pinnacle are as yet great and stunning.

Los Cardones

Set up in 1996, situated in Salta Province, Los Cardone‚Äôs public park has a region of 659 square kilometers. what’s more, the entire park has four unique areas of the natural variety, in particular – Altos Andes, Puna, Bolsones and Yungas, and Monte de Sierras. every one of these areas has a mountain pinnacle of up to 5000-meter high. This spot has a mountain scene, slopes, deserts, interesting vegetation, streams, and gives in also. Vesting this public park won’t just give you a nature experience yet additionally a social one. The towns in Los Cardones safeguarded their customary way of life and produces tasty wines.

Los Alerces National Park, Argentina

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Los Alerces National Park is situated in the area of Chubut Province. The recreation center has a zone of 2360 and has an assortment of environments. The recreation center is popular to have the Towering Alerces that can develop for around 50 m tall and can satisfy 3600 years. Other than the renowned tree, Los Alerces National Park is additionally home to pools of Futalaufquen, Kruger, Arrayanes, Futaleufu, and Menendez. It is acceptable to park to climb, camp, fish, kayak, and go boating.

Bernardo O’Higgins National Park

Situated at the further south in the area of Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic, Bernardo O’Higgins National Park is the biggest public park in Chile. This public park is even less open. Boat and helicopter, are the main accessible alternatives to visit the recreation center. With the troublesome area of the recreation center, it is similarly wonderful as the other park, and your endeavors will be compensated by the one of a kind and hypnotizing scene you will wind up drenched in. The recreation center has icy mass, chunks of ice, and fjords. Home to the world’s biggest ice sheets, the Pio XI, and the imperiled creature, Andean deer. You can investigate the recreation center by kayaking in the fjords that blend the icy mass and mountains. The whole park is simply so different thus beautiful that the excursion to Bernardo O’Higgins National Park will be justified, despite any trouble.

Last words

If you have a planned trip or planning to visit South America, do not forget to visit all the mentioned places. whether you were planning to visit with your family or friends. All these National Parks In South America will blow up your mind with its beauty. So, plan your trip and book avianca airlines reservations to the Nearest Airport and explore the Top National Park of South America and enjoy adventurous activities.

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