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Top 5 SMOK Vape Kits

SMOK offers some of the vaping kits in the market, and here are the top 5 SMOK vaping kits that you can purchase from

SMOK X-Priv Baby Kit

This is a smaller and more compact version of the SMOM standard X-Priv kit. It comes with an internal battery of 2300mAh and offers an output of 80W. It offers a 2’’ color screen that displays all the information, including the charge left in the device. These devices are available in a wide color range that starts from matte black to prism rainbow. You can find the mod inside the box, two V8 baby Q2 coils and a TFV12 Big baby prince tank, a USB cable, some spare parts, and a bubble glass. They also offer you a user manual for easier use. 

SMOK Priv N19

It is a small mod with a battery of 1200 mAh. It is quite easy to use and offers a sleek and attractive look. These do not take up much space as they offer a decent size. Even though the battery capacity is relatively low, it can last for around a day with soft settings. This may require you to make certain adjustments to the settings. But if you are looking for a small yet effective mod, you can choose the devices from

SMOK Stick 80W

The SMOK stick is quite heavy despite its small size. But the main advantage is that it is built from steel which makes it resilient and hardy. The small size of the mod lets the extra weight go unnoticed. Six different color options are available that range from black to 7 color mix variants. Ot offers various features like the 2800mAh battery capacity that is more than adequate with the size that it offers. The tank has a small capacity of 2ml. The only drawback of these devices is that you need to pass the fire button five times to turn it in or off. 

The possibly annoying thing about using this mod is pressing the fire button five times to turn it on or off.

SMOK Vape Pen 22 Light Edition 

It offers various features like LED indicator lights, and it is aimed at beginner vapors rather than professionals. The pen is discreet and compact, and it is very easy to use for beginners. These devices are quite neater, and they appear like a tube mod. If you do a closer inspection, you will see that the tank is a part of the mod. The light edition is made from stainless steel, and it offers a battery capacity of 1650mAh, but one charge can last you an entire day. The compatible battery size aids in the portability of the device. 


These offer one of the most advanced technologies, and if you are looking for a vape device inspired by your favorite marvel character, iron man, you can choose to buy these from These devices support voice commands that help to govern an array of operations for the device. These come with 21700 batteries that offer a huge capacity and a power range that goes up to 230W. The only downside of the device is that it is not discreet or portable, and it is not dirt resistant. 

Conclusively these are the top 5 SMOK vape kits that are available at the top vape stores.



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