Kerala is known as the country of God, and everything for good reason – the home of some of India’s best honeymoon destinations. The site is surrounded by sunny lush greenery and smooth waters. Kerala ranks high up among India’s best honeymoon sites in this fabulous scenario and ideal setting. The first few months of their marriage are always dreamed of by newly married couples with sheer bliss. The coastal paradise Kerala has always been one of India’s favorite lunches in a whole new phase of life for couples.

It’s a very special time for your honeymoon. It’s time to know your better half. You’re there. Please visit one of the most beautiful spots in India for this great time. You beckon Kerala. Kerala. Take a dip into its hot amber dawns and share in God’s Own Country exotic flora, fauna, and spices. Get your partner snorkeling you on a knee, taking a boat tour down the waters. Lovely, isn’t it? Gorgeous. This is a paradise for a couple. A trip to a romantic spot in the world is not only a fantastic beginning on your new journey, it is also the best way to celebrate the old vows with a second luncheon. Simply contact our Kerala Tour Packages team and enjoy the most affordable, safe journeys. Choose from a large list of charming destinations, find a personalized tour of our experts, and begin your romantic journey.

Depending on what you’re looking for the best period to visit Kerala for Honeymoon can differ widely. Is that an apology for beating the heat? Go to the beaches. Head to beaches. The night is a love of snuggling. Perhaps the monsoon trip will fit perfectly.

There are a lot of honeymoon couples can do here from strolling on beaches to taking houseboat cruises. These best honeymoon destinations in Kerala also offer plenty to spend a relaxing time with your partner. Below are some of Kerala’s most beautiful honeymoon spots to create great memories with your loved one. Take a romantic walk in the best places for a honeymoon in Kerala.


Munnar is one of India’s most famous and best spots for a honeymoon. It is supplied by green hills and picturesque beauty and can even be a ride for the heavy weights such as Shimla and Darjeeling. The tea plantations spread throughout contribute to its beauty. You can walk along the winding path with your partner and enjoy the beauty that is there. The nebulous Munnar mountains are a good place for your special person to rejuvenate.

Activities for Couples: Stroll around the beautiful Attukal Waterfalls and take a Shikara boat ride at Kundala Lake to marvel at the beauty of Western Ghats.


It is one of the top ten honeymoon destinations in India with Alleppey’s backwaters. You can’t imagine a better place to start your most special life’s journey. This dream-like place is the centre of the backwaters of Kerala and spells those visiting it magically. You can spend a pleasant time with your partner and enjoy the wonderful natural beauty around on one of the numerous houseboats.

Activities for Couples: Enjoy a home boat trip, watch the sunset at Kuttanad, have a crystal clear sunbathe at Alappuzha Beach, enjoy crystal clear water.


Wayanad is another most popular spot in Kerala for honeymoons. There is an unparalleled natural treasure in this place. You will have a romantic and amazing time with your partner, full of lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries. This beautiful spot offers a wonderful luncheon in the perfect setting and climate.

Activities for Couples: Take a walk through the luxuriant tea plantation, enjoy the scenic setting of Chembra Peak, have a relaxing time in the beautiful Pookode Lake.


The Kady with its lively flora and fauna is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala. In the most peaceful and beautiful locations, you look for solitude during your luna, and Thekkady offers this. You will be in a private sanctuary surrounded by exquisite fauna and flora. There is an adventurous and romantic getaway with the beautiful jungles here.

Activities for Couples: Take a boat tour through lake Periyar and discover elephants on banks to explore the beautiful nature at the Periyar Wildlife Shrine.


Bekal should be right at the top of your lunch list if you’re looking for some of the best honeymoons in South India. Ruins of magnificent forts and magnificent beaches are to be found here. This place again is an ideal holiday because it is exotic and it offers couples an escape from the ordinary world. The backwaters and beaches are great places to spend some time with us.

Activities for Couples: Enjoy the majestic grounds, spend time in Bekal Fort, where the view is magnificent, and enjoy romantic beach sightseeing sights.


Kumarakom is one of the best places in the Kerala honeymoon. It is known as the lake town and is surrounded by attractive bodies of water. It is also the temporary home of many migratory birds and perhaps the ideal place to relax and enjoy a romantic period. You can really enjoy a great luncheon here together with your partner.

Couple activities: See the tranquil backwaters, bless your new life at the Temple of Adithyapuram Surya and take a walk around the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.


In Ernakulam, there’s no shortage of tourist spots. This lively city offers the right combination of beauty, serenity, and vitality for newlyweds. It has a great cultural and architectural wonders, apart from its picturesque beauty. For couples bitten by the shopping bug, highly recommended.

Activities for couples: Turn into the culture tops of Kerala and take a romantic tour of Cherai Beach and enjoy some of the loneliness of beautiful Fort Kochi Beach, Kathakali and Kalarippayattu Arts.


The pleasant all round weather and fascinating environment make Kovalam one of India’s best places for a honeymoon. The misty hills and the beautiful beaches are ideal for couples with husbands. In summer, Kovalam can easily recommend the best spots for the honeymoon in India in May, with all of its rages.

Couple activities: Go on the romantic beach of Lighthouse, enjoy the sunset on Kovalam Beach and enjoy great cuisines.


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