Top Self Care Tips For Asthma At Home

Ask any asthmatic patient and they will let you know how difficult things can be for them since breathing is that one thing which can’t pause or skip it is an ever-growing process, unlike hunger or thirst which is still controllable up to some extent. 

Saving themselves from various conditions outside when such person comes back home to have a sip of tea and relax in comfort the last thing he would want is his home challenging him the same issues which he was facing outside. The existence of asthma triggers at home can worsen the living for any individual and it is a sad state of life for anyone. 

The worst part is that there is no permanent cure for this condition and has to live with various precautions and measures such as getting the allergy test done, keeping the house clean for most of the part, and get the ducted air conditioning Sydney installation was done to steer clear of the various issues it brings in and staying healthy inside. 

Such serious condition of asthma is the result of mucus blocking the passage of bronchial tubes in our lungs which further causes inflammation and hence an uneasy breathing experience which makes a person will irritated and troubled. 

During such a situation the sufferer feels pain in their chest with a sense of stiffness and strange little wheezing sounds come in to make things even worse. No matter how long you have been the part of this problem, you can simply get all the symptoms under control however an absolute cure would not be possible in any circumstances. 

If you think you too have been feeling the same or you have had any such moments, immediately rush to your nearest doctor to get a check-up done which will bring out various solutions to help you live comfortably.

If you are at home, you have to make sure you are keeping in mind a few steps and measures which when implemented can bring in some changes in your health and lifestyle by keeping the symptoms under check. Let’s talk about them in an explained manner:

4 Self Care Tips For Asthma At Home

1. Analyzing The Trigger points

Great things take time to achieve and when you are planning to get in control of a problem the first thing you would like to tackle will be the reason why it is happening in the case of asthma we call them asthma triggers, it can be anything small or big but they are capable enough to disturb the parameters because of which a person is feeling uncomfortable or an asthma attack, a severe one. 

Identifying such triggers will be your first step which you can do by keeping a small notebook with you where you can write your experience of all the previous attacks, the place you were at, and what was present there. 

It could be a sweet fragrance from the perfume, dust, dog fur, or simply a cooking ingredient. Keeping track of your triggers and avoiding them further will help in avoiding any further attack in the future or at least one could stay well prepared. 

2. Stying Away From Triggers

Once you have done with the assessment of your triggers the next thing wants to do it making a clear distance put of them and it has been seen that in general, most people tend to suffer from asthma which was an allergy based and if we take calculated steps and preventive measures in our home, you have the chances of being exposed to allergies as very low then. 

The fool-proof and the most convenient way to get started is by taking all the sources of such allergies out of your premises which can be dirty bed sheets, strong perfumes, strong-smelling food such as garlic, changing pillow covers regularly, dry cleaning the bedsheets to remove the dust mites, getting air filtered air conditioning Sydney in the room. 

Where you spend most of the time, installing a dehumidifier to maintain the optimum level of humidity required for perfect breathing patterns, cleaning the rugs and carpets with the help of a vacuum cleaner, and deep cleansing of the whole house on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

3. No Smoking At All

Although we don’t need to mention this there have been instances where asthmatic patients have been found smoking only to face severe results momentarily after indulging in such harmful actions. The effects of smoking need no introduction and with just 1 cigarette a healthy individual could suffer problems for the next two hours then just think about how wrong it could go for an asthmatic patient.

4. Keep Diseases Away

Common diseases like seasonal flu can make things worse for you with the already suffering lungs by making breathing even worse. Keep all these diseases away by taking regular vaccinations every year which will negate the chances of you catching them.

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