Use a Custom Stubby Holder for Branding Awareness Now – Here’s Why!

Use a Custom Stubby Holder for Branding Awareness Now - Here’s Why

As a business owner, it is one of your crucial responsibilities to come up with creative ideas to promote your services or products. However, the task might not be as effortless as it sounds! 

You can invest in interesting promotional products like custom stubby holders to improve your brand visibility. It will attract your clients and help you stand out amongst your competitors.

Custom Stubby Holder for Branding Awareness

Custom stubby holders can be a game-changer in many ways! Read more to find out why. 

Freebies Set a Positive Tone for Business Conversations

When you are heading off to meet a potential client, keeping some branded stubby holders at hand can give you an unexpected advantage. Most people detest it when work pitches entirely focus on sales, without leaving any scope for further negotiation. In such cases, you can start the meeting by offering prospective customers an unexpected freebie to lighten the environment. 

Customers Love Valuable Products

Imagine you visit a fair and find yourself surrounded by a sales team forcing you to take their pamphlets or booklets. Needless to explain, you won’t be inclined to do so because such items don’t add value to your life. However, if it had been something useful, like a stubby holder, you wouldn’t hesitate to pocket it. Get the point? 

Customized Items Reach a Wider Audience

The whole point behind spending a ton on marketing is brand awareness. You want more people to know about your company’s existence and its services or products. When you give away customised stubby holders, people are bound to take them to the dog park or the nearest beach. Maybe they will give it to their friends. The ultimate result is that your unique message and logo garner more attention. 

Stubby Holders are Spacious 

Personalised branding items include items like caps and pens mostly. However, if you think about it strategically, pens can only fit one line of information and messages on caps are not easily readable. On the other hand, stubby holders have enough space to print your logo, and you can mark it with your brand message or recent offer. 

Promotional Items Stimulate Consumer Recall Abilities

Marketing is not entirely focused on reach and audience. Another aspect that most people are likely to forget is the recall value. About 90% of people remember the name of a brand after receiving promotional products. As such, including stubby holders in your branding strategy can help bring more customers. 

Stubby Holders are Ideal for Vacation Season

Ramping up your marketing efforts during vacation days can work wonders for your business. You can distribute stubby holders to people out of town for a summer break or customers looking to shop for Christmas. Such items can also be used to promote your company in a corporate retreat or seminar. 

Wrapping Up

When it comes to stabilising brand presence, you can invest in tools like custom stubby holders to show your creativity and dedication. A multi-purpose item can boost your business.

A stubby holder is artsier, has enough space for the branding message, and is helpful for the recipient. It can directly impact your brand awareness and increase the conversation rate of your company. 

So, if you are looking for a new marketing strategy, you know where to start! 


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