Visiting The Dentist During Braces Treatment

Straightening the teeth during braces treatment usually takes a while, and you need all the professional help you can get to make the treatment worth your time. Most braces users, especially those new to the treatment, ask if they would need to see their dentist or have orthodontic check-ups their treatment. 

The answer is yes. Although you may be receiving professional dental attention from the consultation for your braces to the fitting and adjustments, you still need to attend your regular dental check-ups. Wearing braces increases your chances of having tartar and plaque on your teeth, so you need teeth cleaning more during your braces treatment. Attending your dental hygienist appointment and check-ups is a sure way to remove the built-up plaque on your teeth. 

You may have a child wearing braces for kids or using one yourself, but this doesn’t mean you or the child should skip dental visits. The nature of the braces increases bacteria growth in the mouth, so you need dental cleanings. 

What Does The Dentist Do During Braces Treatment?

Your dentist is your first contact for all dental issues, and this means that your dentist would be the first person to diagnose any dental problems and help you maintain your teeth. When you have a dental issue, your dentist may offer you treatment or refer you to a specialist, trained in a specific dental area. Most times, it is the dentist that recommends braces to straighten the teeth. 

Your dentist may also provide gum care, bridges, veneers, filling, cleanings, root canal treatment and preventive education. If you are wearing braces, your dentist’s care would also contribute to the success of your treatment. 

How Often Should I See My Dentist 

You should see your dentist for cleaning at least once every year, although, it depends on the condition of your gum and teeth. It also depends on your chances of developing gum and tooth diseases. If you are at risk of gum or tooth disease, you may need to visit your dentist at least four times yearly. 

Most orthodontists recommend hygienist appointments for braces wearers 2 – 4 times a year, even when there are no risk factors because wearing braces increases the risk of developing cavities.

Are Flossing and Brushing Regularly Necessary with Frequent Dental Check-Ups?

Nothing substitutes regular brushing and flossing, and it is wrong to assume that visiting your dentist regularly means that you won’t need to clean your teeth frequently at home. While getting professional dental cleanings, you also need to clean your teeth at home. 

Your orthodontist will let you know the right way to care for your teeth during your braces treatment, and this would include the correct way to brush and floss. You need to follow these instructions and attend your regular dental appointments. 

If you do not visit your dentist regularly or follow your orthodontist instructions, you stand the risk of having the following.

  • Cavities 
  • Gingivitis 
  • Tooth discolouration
  • Tooth sensitivity and pain 
  • Bad breath 

You may end up spending more on other dental issues during your braces treatment, and this may increase the cost of braces for kids or yourself. 

How to Make Your Dental Visits Pleasant? 

Most people feel nervous before their dental visit, and if you are one of them, you have nothing to worry about. Phobia and anxiety before dental appointments are common, but several tips are available to help reduce stress. Here are a few of them.

Try to relax 

You can try out a relaxing exercise like aromatherapy, yoga or meditation before you visit the dentist. You may also engage in other relaxing activities like listening to music, as this significantly reduces your stress and anxiety levels. 

Leave your home or office early 

Rushing to your appointment only increases your stress level and makes you worried about the appointment, so try leaving your home or office early. This enables you to take your time and relax before you see the dentist. 

Get comfort items 

You could get a comfort item like your favourite book or music and take it along with you to your dentist’s office. If the dental appointment is for your child, you could have a favourite action figure or stuffed animal.

Share your concerns with the dentist 

Most dentists are not aware of their patients’ anxiety, so if you feel stressed or anxious due to the dental visit, let your dentist know how you feel. Most dentists tell their patients to let them know when they feel discomfort, but most patients do not. If you feel uncomfortable at any stage of your cleaning, tell your dentist, because if you do not, your dentist will never know how to make your experience better. If you are not satisfied with a treatment, speak up because it could create unnecessary anxiety which also rubs off on your next appointment. 

If your dentist knows about your anxiety, he/she will take the necessary steps to make your visit more comfortable. This could include giving you a numbing agent, applying less pressure and taking more breaks. 

Care for Your Braces

How you care for your teeth during your braces treatment would contribute to the success of your treatment. Flossing and brushing regularly alongside other good oral habits are necessary. They would make your braces journey and dental visits smoother. You would get your desired result faster if your teeth are healthy, and when you follow your orthodontist’s instructions. 

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