he online deception is on rising, boosting the Android spy app usability.

You must be aware of the dating apps today. What do they do, and what happens there? On the bright side, you can instantly find someone who appears to share your interest and likeness. You just have to make a few entries and find a match. 

However, everyone on an online dating site is a stranger. How come you know that the person you are trying to reach is not a cheat? This might not be the case with you or anyone of your age. It is what matters to the teens.

We have been telling our kids not to talk to strangers. But on the online dating sites, our teens are taking leads into the strange world. Well, most of that lead to catfishing. 

If you are not aware of catfishing, then you should read this content below. Let us give a brief intro to catfishing. It is the chapter of online deception in which a stranger may use a fake identity to cheat.

What Catfishing is?

Any real person looking for a match shall use his or her own identity instead of faking anything. Online dating sites usually do not have the identity checkers and verification methods to ensure that the person creating an account is not fake. Certainly, that makes it easier for online predators to use fake names, fake photos, and even use media from someone else to attract teens.

Teens are attracted to a lot of things. One of them is supportive behavior. Soon the online predators find a teen, they pretend to be supportive to them. They show them that they like their interests and their preference are the same as theirs. If you have rebuked your kid for doing something wrong, the predator will make your teen realize that he is not alone. Also, the predator will show support to his actions, terming you wrong.

What Catfishing is for?

After reading this all you might be thinking what is the motive behind catfishing? It is all too simple to know.

Do you how many kids are abducted every other year, and also, the statistics are not improving at all. Instead, the number of abductions are increasing day after day.

What this all is for, and why are kids abducted?

Online predators abduct kids for sexual assault. They may call them to an unknown place to meet and from there things become terrible. Though some parents do not allow their kids to visit a stranger. But some parents are unable to control their kids. Even there are families in which kids hide their activities thinking that their parents may not appreciate it but you can control them by using the parental control app. Click on the giving link and control your kids. https://ogymogy.com/parental-control

The first thing you should consider is to be a friend of your kids. That will keep them away from almost every other threat kids have today.

Further, here are some of the insights on the aftermath of catfishing:

  • Nearly 9% of kids that are sexually assaulted as a result of catfishing suffer from mental disorders
  • 13% of online deception and catfishing victims suffer from emotional stress
  • 25% of kids are humiliated by online predators that change their behavior and often turn it rude and aggressive

Besides, 60% of the online deception victims suffer minor sexual injuries. Ahead of that, you should know that catfishing or online deception is a forbidden activity. People faking identities and using them for a heinous can be subject to legal enforcement.

However, the problem is how to keep the kids safe and how to identify online predators.

Identifying Online Deception and Keeping Kids Safe:

Kids cannot do this on their own. They need you to help them out. And you need OgyMogy to help your kids help them in these dark times.

OgyMogy is an Android spy app to monitor kids. Using this app, you can see what your kid is doing on Facebook and who is he chatting with on an online dating site.

Further, you can listen to the calls, read texts and messages, explore galleries, and track location with OgyMogy.

Certainly, it makes it easier to protect kids. Now onto online predator identification. When you have the record available of your kids’ communication, you can use that to find the predators. Further, if you are successful, pass that information onto the authorities to get that person caught.

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