What are the Pros and Cons of Twitter?

Twitter is the best Social media to interact with the people of worldwide countries. But using Twitter App can be dangerous for some people. So, before using this App. Have a look at the list of Pros and Cons of Twitter that helps you how to use it in a good manner. 

Positive and Negative effects of Twitter

impact of Twitter

Twitter can be used on both Personal or Professional levels of users. You can see the advantages and disadvantages of using Twitter. Twitter can play a big impact on the life of a business. 

                                      Pros                                      Cons
Connect people across the worldLimit characters up to 280 to provide information
Informative newsNegative feedback can affect product identity
Easy to UsePeople can Troll you
Feedback of usersTime is taken to increase followers
Positive Feedback can boost up the Product identityTwitter Platform can be addictive
The Hashtag helps them to understand faster

Why you should avoid Twitter?

Twitter is addictive and limited characters to provide information. But its news can be useful to save lots of time. Positive Feedback of the Product from users can improve the sales and goodwill of the business. But, if any users give negative Comments about the Product. Then, it rapidly provides a bad impact on the image of the business. Now, these are the Pros and Cons of Business while using Twitter. Do not Twit too much, because it can show you as a Spammer.

Sometimes, people want to build up a good image in the eyes of people who are using Twitter. If you want that people can easily recognize you on Twitter. Then, change the Twitter Username or replace it with your original name at any time. Username name should be short and easy to identify                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Is Twitter Worth having?

There are many Pros of Twitter because it gives relevant information. Users can even interact with the people who are Posting any News on Twitter. It is a Two-way communication between users. The use of Hashtags means Upload information in minimum Characters of words. 

Can you get a Virus from Twitter?

Many times hackers attached some links with the information they Twit on Twitter. These links can redirect you to get access with the help of Malware. To get avoidance of this risk, you can install the Antivirus Software on your device on a budget. Bitdefender and K7 are the popular Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware Software. Both software has similar features but qualities can make Bitdefender vs K7 comparison. 

Bitdefender company also offers VPN facilities to protect online information. But this is not offers by the K7 company. Because of this, Bitdefender charges a little bit high amount as compared to the K7. 

How do I use Twitter Effectively?

Make a Twitter account with your name so, people can easily search for you. Upload your Profile as a relevant identity. Upload right and sufficient news without spreading Humour among users. Do not forward or Trolls on anyone’s Pic. Have a good relationship or connection with people on Twitter. Reply, if someone Twit on your Post. This is the positive impact of Twitter to build up a good image in front of people. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Twitter for Students

Twitter can be useful for Students to get short notifications from Teachers. But sometimes Twitter is not good for the Students or Teachers because of limited Characters to post. 

Is Twitter safe to use?

The safety of Twitter depends on you whether you are using a Password or not. For more privacy, apply Password and change it after certified time. Do not share personal detail or Phone number on Twitter. People can misuse your information. Use Antivirus software to protect details of the device from Malware.

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