What do you know about BTS

BTS is a South Korean K-pop group that contains seven members. BTS debuted in 2013 with their first album, “2 Cool 4 Skool,” and gained popularity in the pop music world around 2018. And right now, BTS is among the biggest and the most worthy boybands in the world.

The seven members of this boyband are RM, Suga, V, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin, and Jimin. They all have their fixed roles in this band. The lead rappers of this boyband are RM and Suga, The vocalists of the band are Jin, Jungkook, and V, and Jimin and J-Hope are the lead dancers in the band. Despite their fixed roles, the members of this band always try to work as all-rounders.

Every age group of people loves their songs, and for many years BTS has been making quality content. It was pretty challenging to attract such a massive audience, but BTS has overcome this barrier.

What does BTS stand for?

BTS stands for “Bangtan Sonyeondan” in Korean, which means Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English. But in 2017, they disposed of a new logo and name for the band, which “Beyond The Scene” in an official video. This new name and logo gave their name more depth and has earned them a tremendous fanbase. Despite the official name, they have also been named “Bangtan Boys” by several interviewers.

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Why do Fans Love BTS?

There are multiple reasons why such a massive audience is attracted to BTS. It would be unfair to summarize such a vast love to one aspect. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Company

The way of life in Korea is pretty disparate as boy bands from more conspicuous organizations frequently get well known sooner. It was a huge hurdle for BTS to overcome. But their fans have seen them working overnight for this current fame; that’s why people love them.

  • Artistic Aspect

All the member of this boyband is from the top schools and with decent artistic abilities. They have specialized in different aspects such as dancing, singing, songwriting, and many more. Their lyrics have something special about them that attracts people every time they listen to their songs. 

  • Personalities

It is pretty obvious that their fans are visually attracted to them. But what makes it even more remarkable is their personalities. They have been kind and humble towards the fans since day one, which is one of the main reasons why people love them.

Why Is BTS unique?

  • Their Idea

The first on our list is their idea. BTS is among the few boybands that recorded songs addressing social issues when they first came into the spotlight. 

  • Their Company

Second is their company ‘BigHit.’ They have some brilliant marketing professionals on their team. It shows you the exact idea about what is bts. They have revolutionized social media usage in K-pop, forming an incredibly close connection with the fans. They also provide followers with a lot of content, ensuring not even a second of boredom.

  • Their Chemistry

The members of the band have fabulous chemistry amongst themselves. They almost seem like a family when they are together due to their excellent understanding.

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