What insurance does your Catering Company need?

So that your mind can only focus on creating new menus :-), we help you find the best insurance against the damages that your business may suffer and the civil liability claims that you may receive. If your catering company does not have insurance, you will have to assume the claims or compensation with your assets if you are self-employed, or with the assets of your company. As the head of a catering business, insurance will allow you to pay compensation for civil liability (for food poisoning, for example).

Catering insurance is usually commercial insurance whose main objective is to protect the place where you cook (the continent and / or the furniture and equipment -contents-, against fire, damage due to flooding, electrical damage, climatic phenomena extremes or breakage of glass, among other guarantees), the civil liability of the premises itself for damages to third parties that may occur due to these guarantees (locative rc), civil liability derived from the catering business (exploitation, product , employer, etc.), and legal defense against possible claims. If the rental place you only have to secure the content, since the owner takes care of the continent.

In Insuranks you can advise completely free of charge on the commercial and general civil liability insurance that best suit your catering company and contract your insurance with the Company of your choice at the best price.

If the establishment is for rent or your catering company does not use premises (it is increasingly common to find catering companies in which you cook at home), there is the possibility of taking out general liability insurance. These insurances cover civil liability for exploitation , that is, possible personal or material damage that may occur to customers or third parties for carrying out your catering activity (for example, if you delay in the delivery of an order and motivate the cancellation event), product liability (food poisoning for example), employer liability (It would cover a possible accident caused by the slip of a waiter, for example), locative civil liability (for water damage, fire or explosion in the premises itself -if you use premises- and legal defense against claims that may arise of these civil liabilities, among other coverage.

General liability insurance is cheaper than commercial insurance, but equipment (kitchen machinery, etc.) and stocks would not be covered (fire, theft, electrical damage, water damage, meteorological phenomena, vandalism, glass breakage, etc.) nor do they incorporate coverage that can be very interesting for a catering company, such as employee infidelity, for example.

How much does the insurance of your Catering Company cost?

The price of the commercial insurance of your Catering Company is determined by a series of factors such as its location, the size of the premises of the company, whether you are the owner of the premises or are for rent, the number of people hired, the installed security measures, etc. It should also be borne in mind that commercial insurance does not all have the same coverage, so before hiring the cheapest commercial insurance you can find for your catering company, check if it has the coverage you need.

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