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What is mail marketing? One e-mail can greatly change the flow!

Your mailbox will not be filled with just business mail or mail sent to/from friends. If you have entered your email address on the social media you use or the brands you use often, and you have previously agreed to receive marketing.

Email marketing is a marketing method through email, which is widely used in marketing. It’s important to understand the characteristics of your emails and devise a strategy that maximizes the benefits in order to send emails based on a customer’s database to nurture leads and make them profitable.

Email marketing that can benefit from sending email

When asked about marketing methods using e-mail, “Isn’t that marketing that provides information by e-mail? Some people may think of e-mail magazines saying, ‘ It can be said that half is right and half is wrong. Because email marketing isn’t limited to magazine marketing that passes through your head.

An e-mail magazine is a kind of e-mail marketing method, and has the feature of “same content, batch delivery”. In other words, after setting the standard day and time zone, the same email is sent simultaneously to everyone who has agreed to receive the email magazine. On the other hand, email marketing has a more comprehensive meaning. E-mail marketing is “a way to increase effectiveness through e-mail transmission”. Among them, email marketing, which delivers emails optimized for individuals in a timely manner, has been preferred in recent years. 

Email Marketing Advantages

When you say sending an email optimized for individual leads, you might think, “It would be a lot of trouble”. However, in this case, if you use marketing automation (marketing automation), it becomes easier to analyze the population of leads and segment them.

People create the right phrase for each email, but if you only create the content once, the email will be sent automatically at the optimal timing.

Many advantages arise with this method

1. High cost-effectiveness

There is no disagreement that email marketing is a cost-effective marketing method. Although there is a cost to sending these emails, it has the advantage of being relatively easy to implement compared to other business services due to the low monthly subscription fee. 

In addition, email marketing targets existing customers or prospects rather than targeting an unspecified number of people. It’s easy to lead to a valid conversion because it’s email information collected with the consent of customers or potential customers who are positive about your product.

2. You can categorize messages according to customers

Let me explain the steps in email marketing. First, we analyze the entire lead and then break down the lead into behavioral and attribute units. The basic process of email marketing is to send emails with optimized content in a timely manner based on these results. Through this process, one to one marketing takes place. 

These e-mails are called “targeting e-mails” and are effective for inducing leads and actions such as requesting free samples, participating in events, and purchasing products. In addition, it is also used to discover potential customers by specifying conditions such as “no website visit” or “e-mail was not viewed within a certain period of time”. 

3. What can be done with email marketing tools?

E-mail marketing is a simple method of “producing results only by sending e-mail”, but various strategies can be established based on the segmentation of destinations, e-mail content, and transmission time. Creating targeted emails and analyzing delivery results requires human heads, but marketing automation tools do the rest. So, what can be done with this tool? Let’s take a look at its main features.

4. HTML email compose

HTML emails decorated with clean images and logos not only catch people’s eyes, but also can produce higher effects with optimal content organization according to the partner. In particular, there are a variety of tools that make it easy to create HTML emails without any specialized knowledge, and it is also possible to automatically generate good looking designs using email marketing tools.

Generating each email directly according to a segmented target is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. However, if you use the tool, you can save time and effort, and above all, it can produce a higher effect.

5. Send mail step by step

There is a method of sending multiple e-mails step by step according to the behavior history of the generated lead. Depending on the lead’s actions, an e-mail with the content appropriate to the current situation is sent to prevent leakage or churn to competitors and increase the willingness to purchase so that the contract is concluded. 

One way to use the functions of the marketing automation tool is to track what actions took place in the lead and automatically send a follow-up email according to the action. 

For example, sending a thank-you email immediately after downloading the demo version of the application, and sending an email directing you to a page with helpful tips after 3 days. 

It can be used for after sales such as requesting to write a review about a week after purchasing the product, or sending an e-mail informing about related products next month.

6. Can check receiver’s action

To assess how effective your email marketing has worked, you need to check the reaction of your recipients. Among them, the function to verify the four factors introduced below is essential to increase the effectiveness of email marketing. Marketing automation tools, as well as email marketing tools, have almost no exceptions.

  • Reach Rate If the email you sent is blocked or classified as spam, it is difficult to do its job. Therefore, reach is an important indicator. The reach rate is the number of emails sent and the rate at which they arrive in your inbox without any problems. The higher the number, the more you can judge that emails were sent without loss.
  • Read rate , if left unchecked, even if you do not arrive in the email inbox too mean. That’s why reading rate is more important than reaching rate. If you send an HTML email, you can check whether you have viewed it or not. If the reading rate is low, you need to think about the title that you think “I want to read”.
  • Click- through rate The click- through rate is a measure of whether you clicked on a link that was added when you checked your email. As you can go to our site with a single click, this number is a significant indicator in the process of signing a contract. 
  • Contract Success Rate The contract success rate is the so-called CVR (Conversion Rate), and is a measure that confirms how far the purpose of sending an email has been achieved. It is also an important indicator of email marketing performance. 

Points to keep in mind when conducting email marketing

There are a number of things to keep in mind in email marketing, but there are two points from an operational perspective:

1. Scenario design with plenty of refinement

For what purpose each of the various leads will be generated and what will they do? Each lead cannot be judged uniformly because it is generated with each need and expectation. For this reason, it’s important to think around the lead and refine the scenarios for outgoing emails. 

If a customer sees an email sent and thinks, “I think this information might be helpful,” they will continue to browse the email. Also, if you nurture a lead that can judge your product as “this product can solve our challenges”, that lead can be passed on to the sales department as the main lead.

2. Measure effectiveness and use it in the next step

Email marketing can be more sophisticated over time. It’s good to try to get results from the start, but you can’t move forward as long as you’re dead just because you’ve failed. 

How to set the content of the content? How to tell the story? How much is the number of characters? 

Repeat so many trials, measure the results, and use them next time. And that repetition will add up and do even more.

3. E-mail Marketing Effectively Using Tools

Email may be old as a means of access, but it’s still the main focus of marketing. 

Since it is delivered directly to individuals, the room for activity varies depending on the strategy. Realize effective email marketing using the features of useful tools, including marketing automation tools.



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