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What is the Life of Oppo Smartphones?

With the smartphone market booming in India, and all the major manufacturers racing to get a piece of the pie, it is quite understandable that one is flooded with options while looking for the perfect phone. Now, as the phones come in all price ranges, it is understandable why one might consider the longevity of a phone before investing in one. However, when it comes to gadgets and smartphones, one doesn’t quite mean longevity in the same way as they do while buying a mixer.

As per the current trends, almost all smartphone manufacturers upgrade their products or move on to a new series of phones every couple of years, so it’s quite obvious that one would find their phones outdated and lacking the latest features two to three years after purchase. So, when one asks for a long-lasting phone, what they mostly mean is a phone that will work fine for the next couple of years without any glitches. This brings us to the factors that determine the longevity of a smartphone.

Factors that Determine the Longevity of a Smartphone


The battery life of a phone directly affects its working. Lithium-ion batteries that are currently used, serve for quite a long time, but face problems when the battery is exposed to excessive heat. Hence, it is often advisable to buy smartphones with batteries of higher capacities that lower the chances of over-working the battery.


The processors are key components in phones, and hence directly affect their functioning. For the phone to work well over long periods of time, the processor must be strong enough to handle multiple tasks without any glitches. As newer and better processors enter the market every year, it is logical to invest in a phone with the latest chipset, so that the phone remains up-to-speed for the next couple of years.


The most widely encountered problem in terms of phone longevity is physical damage to the phone, or breaking of the phone. This is a major issue, as repairing a badly damaged phone often costs more than buying a new one. This leads to the simple conclusion that phones that come with features like Corning Gorilla Glass, or are meant to be handled without much care tend to last longer than others. 

Combining all of these factors together, we understand that any phone with a good battery back-up, latest processor and break-proof features should last us a good couple of years. Which leaves us with the challenge of looking for a phone with all those features that fits the budget.

Now, coming to the emerging brands in the market, Oppo is a strong contender to look out for. The company itself has a lot to offer, from entry level, low-priced phones in its A series, to high-end models like the ones from the X series, but has remarkably built a reputation in the fast growing mid-range segment. The flagship series by Oppo in the mid-range segment is the Reno series.

The series comprises multiple phones with an average 4000mAh battery, 8GB RAM, great multi-camera set-ups, and the latest Snapdragon and Helio processors. The most notable addition to the series is the Oppo Reno 4 Pro. It comes with a Snapdragon 720G octa-core processor, 4000mAh with fast charging, AMOLED display, and Gorilla Glass. With all these features packed in, it is built to endure a lot, and would definitely take quite a few years before you feel you’re using an old phone.

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