Which Is The Best Place Can I Go Instead Of Ibiza?

How many of you know about this popular song from 1999, of Vengaboys? It won’t be wrong to say that this song does have an important role in introducing Ibiza to us. Maybe, this was the break through after which we considered to travel to Spain for holidays or adventures.

Surrounded by the sea, offering scenic beauties, draped with green mountains hue, no one can deny the majestic charm of the islands of Spain that seems to lure everyone towards them. However, even after the film industry drew our attention to few of the parts of Spain, we still have to discover quite a bit of this place that is full of cultural and scenic beauty.

List That Can Visit or Explore Instead Of Just Ibiza

So here are names of the few more places you can visit and explore instead of just Ibiza.

1. Majorca

Set in the northern part of Spain, Mallorca or Majorca is one of the largest of the islands in Spain. This island offers a breath-taking scenery to view and also promotes the best beaches spot for tourism. Perfect for relaxing, bike riding, along the beautiful trails on the cliffs, or play golf, other than basking on the beaches. One tip here- to get the best of experience and enjoyment around here, book your trip around the annual Jazz festival in these groups of Spanish islands. It is considered to be one of the best islands to take your family at.

2. El Hierro

One of the most gorgeous islands of Spain, this is located the furthest in the country. This island is the perfect combination of aqua and viridescent, however more prominent in the vegetation department. Enjoy your time here feeling the cool winds slapping your face along with leaves of Juniper. This is definitely the place for nature lovers.

3. Menorca

If you have a thing for history or aesthetics, then you need to pack your bags for this amazing island. This place is less crowded in comparison to the island of Mallorca or Majorca as it is secluded then the rest of the Spanish island. You also will find this place less developed too. But this is exactly why Menorca has succeeded in preserving the unspoiled scenery and prehistoric monuments from back to 1300 BC. 

4. La Gomera

This fantastic island provides perfect opportunities & is perfect for those who love hiking, trekking, or even simple walking tours. In other words, it offers many activities and sports to the visitors. La Gomera also possesses a number of varieties of unique plants, beautiful forests, rock outcroppings, and mesmerising waterfalls. And thus. is also perfect for exploring, studying horticulture and expeditions. This is one smaller island Columbus started his exploring of Spain with. And the best part is this place devoid of the annoying tourist crowd, Yay!

 5. La Palma

La Palma has its own international airport and a ferry service from Tenerife. It has beautiful countryside views, stunning volcanoes, beautiful jungles, and the largest crater and is great for walking tours and hiking.

Just have a look at this mind numbingly beautiful scenery it has! No wonder its name literally translates to “The Beautiful Island”. 

6. Valencia

If you are bored of always visiting Barcelona, then this city is the perfect option to opt for. Here, you are going to find the magnificent architecture of Spain, very much kicking. Not just the architecture is attention-seeking, but it’s a great spot for the foodies. So, you can say that in a way it is the food paradise along with the amazing nightclub around the El Carmen district.

7. Formentera

If you do not wish to have encounters with the annoyingly crowded islands of Spain, that are hoarded by tourists and still want to enjoy the beauty of the beaches it offers, then Formentera is the place for you folks. This island will offer you raw and rugged scenic beauty consisting of salt beds, rosemary fields and pine woodlands, unlike Majorca, Ibiza and Minorca.

This is the perfect getaway place for you to escape from the jarring uproar of the tourist spot and find peace along the sea bed.

8. Seville

The modern Spain tapestry, the cobbled streets of old towns, the viridescent nature, the zesty oranges growing, anything and everything will give you a somewhat romantic vibe. The phrase ‘Love is in the air’ fits this town. You can compare Seville to the Paris of Spain, even if it is not that big in geography. It will offer you a great blend of different cultures and art and you will be overloaded with ‘the feels’.

9. Baqueira-Beret

Baqueira-Beret is a beautiful and breath-taking Spanish resort in the heart of the Pyrenees. The number of visits for tourists is restricted- unless occasionally permitted, to keep it unspoiled. You can find ski and winter adventure sports only here. It will have Spanish charm and a real good value of your money.

From great skiing, a classy nightlife, comfortable accommodation and a homely Spanish atmosphere, it has everything. A complete package, Baqueira-Beret will surely won’t disappoint you.

10. Toledo

Just an hour drive from Madrid, this place is actually a great alternative from the city of Madrid itself. If you plan a stay in this city, do make sure that you stay overnight here. Because one day is not enough to explore and you are just going to touch the surface. Dare yourself to dig deeper and past the cosmopolitan of this city and you’ll find Toledo’s old religious buildings – of Christian, Muslim and Jewish persuasions shining in the nightlife, along with the milling locals. The fun thing is the whole city is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, this is nothing less than Poseidon’s lost city of Atlantis.

11. Granada

If you are a Disney fan, then you must not, at any cost, miss to visit this city. Granada in every possible way will remind you of the kingdoms you see in Disney movies. An ancient fortress, snow-capped mountains and cobbled streets with old age history. The Moorish palace in Alhambra is one of the well-preserved monuments of Islamic architecture. Also, Sacramento, where resided the city’s original gypsy people and the place where flamenco dance to the flourishing music.

Do not skip visiting this place and who knows, you will find you Prince Charming or Princess of your dreams.

Spain has more things to offer than we know. And it is high time we go deeper than what we know and keep visiting

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