Why Digital Marketers Need To Be Thinking About Local SEO

It’s no longer news that digital marketing has changed in the last few years. Those that are resistant to the changes have seen their waterloo. This is because you can no longer rely on Google or Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website or blog. 

Why? The algorithm is on a rampage and is so unpredictable. Advertising cost has skyrocketed, and most marketers witnessed a decline in their ROI during the lockdown. A wake-up call?  Maybe.

Most SEO agencies UK understand that a lot of digital marketers have an odd view of local SEO. However, it could be a game-changer for businesses if all other alternatives fail. By this we mean, if those at Google decide to change the algorithm once again or if the bot on Facebook decides to go on a mad banning spree like it always does.

On this page,  we will run you through the advantage of local SEO for digital marketers and why it shouldn’t be ignored.

1. Thousands of daily organic search on Google 

When you leverage SEO, you are indirectly offering your product to thousands of people on the web.  Depending on the keyword, your content is ranking for; you could be looking at reaching over 10,000 audiences monthly. 

You can expand your reach beyond your geographical location to several places around the web. This gives you a competitive edge and a chance to increase conversion by two-fold. Without SEO, it could be a toothless fight between you and your competition. You could also be battling with top dogs in your industry while hot markets are waiting to be unraveled.

2. Online SEO market optimizes for rank

As beneficial as SEO sounds, only a few businesses take full advantage of it. A vast majority of digital marketers invest in paid ads ignoring the probability of reaching organic customers all year round. This means if you optimise to appear on the first page of search engine results when your campaign isn’t active, you could still attract buyers through organic search.  As a result, you will be spending less but getting more. 

3. Qualified prospect

SEO creates better results than paid advert if executed properly.  On Facebook, the seller is taking a gamble, making a sales pitch to individuals he feels are interested and not the one who is motivated to take action.

 With SEO, the seller is presenting to motivated prospects, especially one in search of a quick solution. As a  result,  he is more likely to buy. While SEO makes for good conversion,  you must not ignore the backbone of your marketing strategy. People might be motivated to do searches that allow them to discover your page, but if the marketing message isn’t strong enough, they won’t make a purchase. 

4. Higher Conversion

According to research, SEO provides a conversion rate of 14.0% while traditional marketing only sees a return of 1.7%.  This means with SEO, one out of every seven individuals who stumbled on your page is likely to purchase an item.  To gain such results, your campaign has to be well structured.  This begins with an effective lead generation strategy followed by a high converting sales funnel. 


 This post has managed to convince you that SEO is the next big thing for digital marketers.  Please don’t get too excited without knowing what it involves. You should know that there is a lot to SEO than what is taught on 5-minute videos on YouTube.

SEO is very demanding and will require your full attention. To take that trouble off your shoulders, you can hire affordable  SEO services Uk to do the dirty job on your behalf. 

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