Why is Desert Safari Famous in the UAE?

As you know, the Middle East is its high red dunes. Where to explore them is the desire of so many people to live across the globe. On the other hand, to experience a desert safari tour in the UAE is on the bucket list of so many adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts. Due to this reason exploring high red dunes and spending 6 hours while enjoying thrilling sand activities, live entertainment shows and delicious Arabian food is the pleasure you must try in the United Arab Emirates.

Where the tour is provided in three types with different time duration. Like if you desire to explore short time, you can for a morning tour, Which lasts for 4-hours. If you desire to enjoy a proper 6-hours tour with a limited budget. You can go for an evening tour. Or if you’re also a camping lover along with a thrill enthusiast. You can go for the overnight tour which lasts for 18-hours. To avail of the desert safari service from all over the UAE:

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Here we discuss the best tourist attractions that you must experience whenever you came across the United Arab Emirates. However, the best thing about this tour is you will be provided pick up and drop off service from your doorstep or centralised location point via luxurious 4X4 or Bus. Which will be opted by you as per your desired budget 

Desert Safari Attractions in the UAE:

Desert safari Dubai or any region of UAE is nothing less than adventurous, thrilling and a mind-blowing way to indulge and admire Bedouin (Arab people) culture and their lifestyle in a modern way. Where exploring high red Arabian dunes is a rare opportunity that anyone across the world can experience. People from all over the globe visit Dubai to cherish the Bedouin lifestyle and glimpse Arabian desert views. Which is the reason Dubai has become the World’s number tourism city.

Exploring high red dunes are not only the reason. But also people love to enjoy electrifying sand activities, which always mesmerize them to come most often. In short, Dubai city is the number choice of adventure enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. Here we discuss some of the thrilling rides on the Arabian sand, entertainment, photo sessions and BBQ buffet dinner that are provided in the 6-hours of a standard desert safari tour in the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Dune Bashing:

Dune bashing is the utmost adventure that anyone visiting Dubai or any city of UAE must try to make your visit complete. Travellers simply crave to enjoy this adventure via luxurious 4X4 Vehicles on the high red dunes of Arabia. The ride is satisfied, safe and provided under licenced professional drivers. Travellers, especially tourists called it the heart of desert safari tours. However, pregnant women or people having back or heart problems are not suggested to experience dune bashing.

  1. ATV Quad Bike:

The most thrilling activity in the tour after dune bashing is the ATV Quad Bike ride. Besides, this is the safest sand activity on the Arabian dunes. Where riding heavy ATV bikes can be done anytime and preferred to experience in the morning and evening to enjoy the ultimate pleasure. On the side, safety kits and training by professional is provided onboard.

  1. Sandboarding:

Sandboarding on other hand is the sport of sliding down on the high Arabian by maintaining balance and speed. Where to balance yourself on a slippery sandy dune is the what exactly activity is giving you extreme and thrill. If you fall, you won’t get any harm because the Arabian sand remains soft.

  1. Camel Riding:

Camel was the mode of transport in the past old days for Bedouin people. Since desert safari tour is designed to give the pure feel of Arabic culture. So, the camel ride is given to the travellers to enjoy the Bedouin culture, click so many pictures on it and bring those pictures to their homeland as the beautiful memory.

  1. Photography Opportunities:

You will find so many photo opportunities in each step forward of a desert safari tour. Where the basic photography you can make while exploring the Arabian desert and its thrilling rides. Where you can also make a click by holding the national bird of the United Arab Emirates known as “Falcon”. Where in the Bedouin camp, you can wear Arabic costumes, strike a pose and capture your moments for your memorable travel diaries.

  1. Live Entertainment Shows:

There are eight live entertainment shows are performed in the Bedouin camp. Including Belly dances, Tanoura dance, fire and Zumba shows. Where Belly dance is the memorable attraction of entertainment. Which is more exciting when performing in Arabic music. However, the Tanoura dance is the Egyptian dance performed wearing rotatory fired or lightened skirts and the performers rotate like a spin on the music. On the other side, the fire show is a stunt act that is performed by an expert. These shows are performed at the time of dinner and create typical Arabian night’s vibes for travellers, Also Read: delta airlines reservation phone number.

  1. BBQ Buffet Dinner:

BBQ buffet dinner is served on the desert safari tour is the tastiest dinner with oozing flavours. Where Asian and European cuisines are served along with Arabian cuisine. Including hummus, kebabs, flavoured rice and an array of delicious Lebanese dishes. However, the buffet is also included hot & cold beverages, veg snacks with sauce as starters, a giant salad bar and a variety of desserts.


These are the amazing facts that force you to come across the United Arab Emirates and enjoy the desert safari tour with your loved ones.

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