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Why Is My iPhone Camera Not Working?

Apple’s iPhone, without a doubt, has one of the best cameras when it comes to mobile phone photography. For years, Apple has been using Sony image sensors, which dominated the market today. In 2020, Sony shared that they have 46% of the total revenue of the global smartphone image sensor market.

A high-quality camera sensor doesn’t mean a completely durable and resistant camera. Like every other smartphone, the iPhone’s camera can sometimes act up. Software and hardware camera problems are inevitable.

An iPhone camera not working can sabotage documentation for a trip. Are you experiencing camera lags and other issues? Check out the tips below to fix your iPhone camera in no time.

Software Solution

The software options involve bugs and errors in the camera application or iOS. Here are ways you can try to fix your iPhone camera’s software problem:

Open FaceTime Camera

With an iPhone camera not working, black screens are common indicators. Open the FaceTime app and test how the front and back camera works there.

Clear Camera App Cache

A phone’s performance relies on its RAM that when an app acts up, you have to restart it. But how do how to restart camera app on iPhone? It’s easy; swipe up to show currently running apps and quit the camera app.

For iPhone 8 models and below, double click the home button to open running applications.

Restart iPhone

Restarting your iPhone clears all the cache of the installed apps. It refreshes the memory of error and lagging or frozen apps. Think of it as emptying your trash bin to have some space for new residuals.

Update iOS

An outdated operating system might cause your iPhone 12 camera not to work. Try updating your iOS as these updates include camera app updates.

Reset iPhone

Resetting will bring the default setting back. Some apps could change camera settings, so setting it back to default could be helpful. You can do this without erasing your files and other data.

Factory reset will bring everything back to its default from when you bought it. Make sure to back up all needed files before doing this.

Hardware Solution

The hardware options include fixing physical camera issues to resolve the problem. Thus, hardware problems are easier to diagnose. Check out the following considerations:

Clear and Clean Camera

Sometimes, an iPhone front camera not working is because of some obstruction in the lens. It’s also applicable for the back camera. When taking photos, make sure your fingers or phone case don’t get in the way.

If your finger, phone case, or external dirt doesn’t cover the lens, it could be an internal one. In this case, consult a professional to get your phone fixed. Opening your phone on your own is not a good idea.

Avoid Overheating

Overheating can cook internal parts, which could affect your camera. Make your phone rest now and then to give it a chance to cool down.

Check Flash

iPhone camera and flashlight not working is another common camera issue. Turn off your camera flash and test whether the flashlight is working.

Fix an iPhone Camera Not Working Today

Phone cameras capture your best moments. Don’t let an iPhone camera not working stop you from treasuring your moments. Fix your iPhone camera with this informative guide.

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