Why you Get Engrossed in the Web of Worries?

No matter how you become rich, famous or powerful in your life, you cannot enjoy your life unless you start taking it happily and fill it with adventure. You could not enjoy your work and life as you live in stress and ten to place worry on them.

The more you pay your concerns toward the things to lead your life to the direction of stress, depression and anxiety. These causes are not suitable for us and our health both mentally and physically. When you get these causes, no matter what more you have attained all the right things; we would not get good feelings.

To prove this, we have the perfect examples in the form of the human figure. Napoleon and Helen Keller perfectly come under this category. Napoleon had everything that a common man desires. He had name, fame, power, money but nevertheless, he committed that he had never spent at least six days of merriness in his life.

In the other context, Helen Keller, who was blind, dumb and deaf, declared that she had found her life beautiful and lovable. On one hand where Helen can live for 78 years without any complaints about the problems of life then why not we?

Worry as the primary cause

To have more worries can impact us in many ways. Alexi Carrel, who is a Nobel Prize Winner, asserted that ‘People who do not know how to fight worry die early’. 

According to many famous psychologists and neuroscientists, more than half of patients with meager health issues can cure themselves before going to the physicians. They can do it if they get success in diminishing their fears and worries.

In a study, more than 50 thousand patients were examined who had stomach disorders. Having reviewed their issues, one out of four patients had no physical reason for their stomach disorders. Rather fear, worry, hate, and selfishness were the reasons for their illness. 

According to many famous doctors, the leading cause of, stomach ulcers which can even take your life, heart diseases, headache, insomnia, and varied types of physical disabilities, are happened due to living with worry. Now you can easily interpret how disastrous it will be because of concern. 

The master key to resolve any worries

  • An architect was working on a residential project. He had to work on every fundamental and foundational amenity in the building. The client had already invested more than half of the total value in the project. The architect very soon realised that he could not work as per the promise made to the client.
  • In such a context, the whole responsibility came on his shoulders. He got depressed, and his depression had reached such level where he could not even sleep. 
  • He soon realised his deteriorating condition. He thought this would not improve the situation and used his common sense to pick himself out of it.
  • He made a technique to get rid of the concerns of the losses and fear of losing the client’s faith. 

Let us discuss what technique he used while resolving the problem and get the right result.

Preconceptions should be made to find the result

  • He derived the ideas what could be happened at the worst with him if he did not get success in getting the project orientation according to the client’s guidelines.  He conceptualised the possible results.
  • He assumed that he would not be jailed or hanged, but he may lose his reputation in the market. 

Accepting the worst outcomes

  • He accepted the worst possibility could be happened to him and mentally prepared him. He convinced himself about the happenings and ready to face it with the commitment to make it better. 
  • He suggested himself to make aware his client with the reciprocals and offer his client the right solution. He felt calmness after accepting the possibilities and resolving them with utmost honesty. 

Improve the worst thing

  • The architect found that he had to fetch more labour with a small investment to correct the mistakes. He started working on the measures. He did use the provident loans in Ireland to compensate for the expense.
  • When you make your mind learn with the horrible results that you may encounter with, make your willingness harnessed with the next attempts to create new provisions.  

Identify yourself

If someone often you money in millions and billions and exchange demands your body parts, would you accept the offer? A healthy mind will say No. It means that we are already too rich and the willpower and confidence that we possess have no value in comparing anything.

The body and its health are the two remarkable things we have whose value is more than several billion for us. We put high pressure on them to acquire a few thousand and millions in innocent features.

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When you have no success in your hands, you are the most impoverished person, and you have lost the central part of your life. You are not urged to leave hopes for the things you see necessary for the development but not on health value. 

We should not feel sad for what we do not hold while thinking of what we have and feel proud of it. 

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