Zoom Clone: A Souvenir for Online Fitness Classes

Let’s look at Zoom Clone A platform that suits best

Working out is a simple task if done like riding a bicycle, lifting weights, or going to a park or gym. It’s not that difficult like many make it look. But most of the people prefer fitness classes not just to work out but also to form a community, gain motivation, guidance along with friendship.

But many classes will not be attended in person as either they will be canceled or moved online. Though it is easier said, bringing it into reality isn’t like carrying the regular Monday meeting online. There is much more complexity. So to make it less stressful, here’s the blog to help you with the basic setup of an online class using the online video conferencing platform. 

A platform that suits best

Among all, video conferencing apps like Zoom is what is preferred as it is already downloaded by a lot of people and is being well used. The app allows the user to hold sessions for free 40 minutes. In case if a user wants a more extended session, it may cost a few bucks as they may have to upgrade their accounts to paid versions.

First of all, a user needs to download the Zoom app and create an account. 

The user has to be clear with the requirements about which plan to choose from the three different plans of zoom clone according to their needs.

Basic Plan

The plan is free with some conditions with the time limit of 40 minutes.

Advanced Plan

This is the best plan of zoom clones for most businesses like fitness. The best part about this plan is that it allows users to run their classes with 100 participants, including the host/instructor for a longer time, i.e. 24 hours. The plan also allows us to have multiple users with a separate login. For some overlapping classes, this plan would be helpful.

Premium Plan

With allowing more than 100 people, this plan will be suitable for big classes. 

After signing up, the user can book a meeting for a specific time, and the unique URL will be generated for the session. After getting the URL, it will be shared by the host to the people who wanted to participate. 

The participants should click on the link to join the class. But the steps are more straightforward, as all they have to do is to click on the URL, and they will be prompted to download the app. If the app is not installed already, they will be taken through the process of installation. 

As we have seen the plan structures, let’s move on setting up space and a computer which includes for your students as well.

The space that the user chooses should be big enough to move around and should be at least 3 meters away from the webcam. But in reality, the user has to set up whichever space they are comfortable working. The camera should be adjusted in such a way that it should be moved and selected whether or not they want to show their feet or torso. 

Installing the webcam:

The inbuilt webcam in the laptop or an external webcam can be used in the absence of it. Both will work in the same way and just fine. The best place to put the computer would be either on the countertop of the kitchen or on the floor. Either way, you have to be sure about maintaining a 3 meters distance from the camera for a better view. If the computer is set higher, every time a piece of music ends, they won’t have to crouch down to change it. 

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Steps to play music:

The music should be played from the laptop that the user is currently using. It can be done with any program that they would like to use. But the user had to be sure about the volume as the higher volume will drown out your voice. Make the music louder but also make sure that the voice is audible. To make the voice more piercing, the only option available is to the user an external microphone. 

From the latest updates, the computer sound sharing feature is not here anymore for most people. It is now advantageous since playing music with an external speaker is better. Depending on the volume and power capability of the speaker, the user has to make sure that the music is heard best by the participants. 

Steps to be followed to set up: 

Zoom clone setup consists of so many ways that can be used. But to make sure that the students hear and see the music, here’s a step-by-step guide.

>> Users will click on the Share button and can choose ‘Computer Sound only’ from the ‘Advanced’ tab and again click on the Share button. 

>> Users have to make sure that all the participants are muted, so as to not have any disturbances, because of the background noises from their ends. 


If you are an entrepreneur from the fitness industry, then take up the Zoom Clone for the fantastic features that it offers so that millions can find it more useful and entertaining, along with you making substantial revenue.

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